More than 800 people attended “El Corte Inglés” of Callao Madrid, to meet their idols Max and Mirko from “Chica Vampiro”


Last weekend we received in Madrid the visit of the actors Santiago Talledo and Eduardo Pérez, the male protagonists of the hit series “Chica Vampiro”, produced by RCN and Televideo (Colombia), currently broadcast on Disney Channel.

Their stay in the capital began with a productive work day at Disney, where they recorded promotional videos for the channel, licensees and social networks, that will soon available for all their followers.

Throughout the following days, the actors had the opportunity to meet their fans, sign books and other different products, at the Madrid Book Fair and at the Juguettos store. To put the finishing touch to the weekend, on Saturday afternoon we had a massive reception at the “Ambito Cultural” room of “El Corte Inglés” of Callao with more than 800 people, journey organized together with the licensees Planeta, Warner, Simba and Cife.

The protagonists of Chica Vampiro were also at the disposition of the following media, which will publish interviews and reports in their respective magazines: ABC, Supertele, Grupo Joly, Como Tú, Nancy Magazine, Disney Channel Magazine and Chica Vampiro Magazine.

Moreover, during this weekend we collaborate with influencers like Elaia, of the Carameluchi´s Family (@elashow and @familiacarameluchi) and Silvia Sanchez (@silviayoutuber).

This weekend has been, definitely, a great success, but above all, as Santi said through his social networks “Clearly, there is no purer love than the love of a kid. And that’s how all these days in Spain were about. I do not know how to explain how happy they left me. See you in November to give you back all the immense love you gave us. Thank you.”