Bubu and the Little Owls ©

Preschool |


  • Format: 26x11’ or 13x30'
  • Target: kids 2-4
  • Producers: Up Content Brazil


In the city of Los Arboles, in the neighborhood of High Branches, in the highest sequoia tree of the Forest Condominium, lives a cute and fun family of owls.

In every episode, the trio of little owls face a new discovery, from a small seed on the ground to an enormous sloth high up in the trees. They will learn more about each discovery by interacting with it, and the other animals in the forest, working together to play, create and find the answers to their questions about their world. When Daddy Owl’s whistle signals for the trio to return  home, they arrive full of stories they are anxious to tell. Together, they play, cuddle and sing about their latest forest adventure!


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