Since its premiere last August 2015, Chica Vampiro has taken France for storm, starting with Gulli where the series drives more than 500.000 TV viewers on average. The series success can be attributed to the marriage of great music, choreography and humour with storylines that appeal to distinct and gender-neutral age groups.

Formidable on screen success has been mirrored on the Licensing and Merchandising front, with the main categories covered including: publishing, dolls, apparel and back-to-school amongst others. There are over 38 licensees + 500 SKUs in total with a solid sell-out performance. The Music CD of the series has achieved the Platinum record in only three months (more than 100.000 units sold) and two live shows tours, Vampitours (one in February, the other in October), have been committed so far (20 cities and 27 shows). In addition to the L&M accomplishments, eight books of Chica Vampiro are in the Top 20 and one million copies of books are planned to be sold by the end of this year.

On the SVOD side, two deals have recently been signed giving rights to Canal Play and TFOU Max.

The success in France happens after the previous launch of the property in Italy. For Boing Italy, the series is in the Top 3 of the channel’s best shows since launch. 12 licensees were signed, including a Music CD by Warner Music and a first Vampitour (eight cities and 10 shows).

In addition to France and Italy, the series has been sold to BIGGS Portugal, ZOOM Israel, Nickelodeon Benelux + Poland and will soon premiere on Gulli Girl Russia.

The tween novela, produced by RCN Colombia, narrates the story of Daisy, a common girl, whose parents are vampires. After a terrible accident, they decide to bite Daisy in order to keep her alive. She curses her luck as soon as she wakes up since she never wanted to be a vampire. The relationship she has with Max, her sweetheart, will be more complicated now: what would happen if her vampire fangs came out and she wants to bite him? Her life is now divided in two: the one she has in the mortal world at school and the other one she enjoys in the vampire world.

On the live action side Chica Vampiro has been B&R360’s biggest hit to date and given the series’ international track record, the producers are looking into developing new assets such as TV movies and a second season for 2017.

RCN is one of the main broadcasters and production companies in Colombia, with a vast history in making successful series and telenovelas, as well as audiovisual content of sports and news events. The company is a part of The Ardila Lulle Organization (OAL), one of the most prominent industrial holdings in Latin America. As of now, RCN distributes content to more than 120 countries, including some of its biggest hits, such as Café con Aroma de Mujer, Yo soy Betty la Fea, El Capo, Hasta que la plata nos separe, La hija del Mariachi, El último matrimonio feliz, Chica Vampiro, among others. The Company has set itself apart in the industry due to the production and broadcast of the most important sporting and special events nationwide and worldwide: The World Soccer Championships, The Olympic Games, Cycling Events, The Professional Colombian Soccer Matches, The National Beauty Contest, and others. RCN also owns three different television signals by subscription: Nuestra Tele, RCN´s international signal; NTN 24, an International News Channel with 24-hour coverage; and RCN Telenovelas, broadcasting channel of the best RCN´s drama and fiction productions.