Brands & Rights 360 is a Madrid based marketing and commercial platform specialized in the integrated management (TV, digital, licensing and merchandising…) of multimedia brands and content (animation and live action), geared towards children, youth and family audiences in Europe and America (in Spanish and Portuguese language). B&R360 currently manages a portfolio of 20 properties.

To be a true local extension of the property owner

  • We manage a limited number of compatible properties, following a tailor-made strategic plan.
  • As a main component to the strategic exploitation of any property/brand, key industry players (TV, digital, publishing, toy manufacturers… depending on the case) are made partners of the project from day one.
  • We always select the best local strategic partners to maximize each and every revenue stream (continued and coordinated involvement in the project, through mid-term alliances).
  • Build the property/brand over a minimum of a 5 to 7-year plwebrecurso-4-8an.

The goal must be to maximize…

    1. the exposure of your brand in order to…
    2. increase its value and sales, …
    3. increase the longevity of the brand, …
    4. while generating a solid parallel L&M revenue stream.
  • For the owner:

To have only one contact in the region for all buckets of rights, involvement and supervision over the property’s exploitation plan, and easy access to information and revenues generated.


  • For local licensees/ local partners:

To have only one source of information, resources and procedures. To be part of a fully coordinated strategy supported by key strategic partners/licensees.


  • For TV partners:
    • Triple return on investment.
    • Properties with international track record.
    • advertising investment linked to the brand.
    • Revenue share on L&M.


  • For the property / brand:
    • To maximize its exposure, visibility and create brand awareness.
    • More revenue streams.
    • To stretch the life of the brand as much as possible.


  1. Experienced structure with knowhow and solid background based in each territory (local + multi-territorial strategy).
  2. International, multimedia and mid-term vision.
  3. 360º integrated management.
  4. Established working relationships with top companies in each industry:
    • Pay TV
    • Free TV
    • Digital
    • Live shows producers & promoters
    • Music labels
    • Merchandising and Licensing producers & distributors
    • Videogame and App. developers
    • Toy manufacturers & distributors