• Julio Bunny sold to HITN´s SVOD platform EDYE, that promotes formative and educational values.

  • B&R360 adds to its portfolio of rights the preschool series Bubu and the Little Owls, driven by its success story in LATAM


B&R360 has recently sold to EDYE, the SVOD platform, the animation series Julio Bunny (52×11’), based on the widely successful Italian book series “Giulio Coniglio” written by the famous Italian authoress Nicoletta Costa. This pre-school oriented service has been launched by the Spanish-language broadcaster HITN in the US and Latin America. The core values of this innovative platform are offering entertaining and educational content, as well as teaching guides for parents and educators. JB lands on EDYE after a strong performance on Nick Jr and Rai Yoyo Italy, among others.

In this series, a co-production of Magnolia and Rai Fiction Italy, children are invited to get to know Julio and his friends and experience new things in a unique and whimsical world. For Julio and his friends, every day is an adventure just waiting to happen! And there is always something new to learn.

Additionally, B&R360 has added to its portfolio the Brazilian preschool series Bubu and the Little Owls and manages the brand’s broadcast and licensing rights, on behalf of Up! Content, in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Greece. On the licensing and merchandising side, the products have been already a massive success throughout LATAM. B&R360 is already working on a tailor-made licensing strategy for this powerful preschool franchise.

Bubu and the Little Owls (52×11’) is a “Great for Families” educational animation series full of adventures and discoveries, filled with teachings about nature, and human ethical values. A cartoon way beyond mere entertainment, a project thought about in every detail, so children can have fun with it, make new discoveries, acquire essential learnings, and above all, it is a show that transmits reliable references of family values, love, and respect. The successful track record of the series in LATAM has allowed Up! Content to produce a second season, ready for delivery 3Q19.

B&R360 remains constantly focused on offering high-profile global entertainment brands for children around the world, maximizing its exposure and revenues for the property owners.


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