Five new titles to air at Clan TVE and Mediaset

Brands & Rights 360 (B&R360), the Madrid based integrated brand management specialist, has recently confirmed the sales / broadcast of five new series on different channels:

  • Freaktown and Atchoo on Clan TVE. Moreover, the channel broadcasted this summer the preschool comedy Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, also in B&R360’s portfolio.
  • Prank Patrol on Boing.
  • Cumbia Ninja on Divinity.

In the preschool target, B&R360 has recently renewed Starz US’ series Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (52 x 30’). With Wubbzy and his friends in this animation comedy, children and their parents are invited into the whimsical and wacky world of Wuzzleburg, where friendship is discovered while having fun.

Likewise, on Clan TVE, Freaktown (26 x 30’), a kids 6-11 animated series from Portfolio Entertainment Canada, follows the adventures of skeleton Ben Bones and his freaky friends as they protect their town from takeover by Princess Boo Boo the Bouncy of Sweetlandia.

The comedy series Atchoo (52 x 11’), is a coproduction between the Italian companies Studio Campedelli, Cartobaleno and the Indian Cosmos Maya, which tells the everyday life of Teo, a nine-year-old boy with a curious characteristic: when he feels a strong emotion, he expresses that through sneezing while – atchoo! – turning automatically into an animal.

Another series currently airing on Boing and also in B&R360’s portfolio, is Marvista US’ factual series Prank Patrol (26 x 30’). Here, kids get to create, build and execute a big time prank by calling the Prank Patrol. Each episode introduces a new prankster who is on a mission to prank someone they know.

Fox Networks Group’s Cumbia Ninja (45 x 45’) is a young adult skewing series soon to premiere on Divinity. It tells the story of Hache, a young man obsessed with making music. When his brother is killed he must step up and take his place to protect his neighbourhood, La Colina. Juana, a rich teenage girl, has fled to La Colina after her family was murdered and she’s hiding behind a false identity. Soon Hache and Juana become entwined as they discover the deaths in their families are connected.