Santiago Talledo (Max) and Eduardo Pérez (Mirko), the two male protagonists of the series Chica Vampiro, were in Sao Paulo, Brazil from March 15th to 19th, carrying out promotional activities with the channel, licensees and our sub agent Lotus


The series was launched on the Brazilian channel Gloob on July 23rd of 2018 and is still in re-run, due to the wide success on the channel and the great acceptance that is having with the audience, both children and adults.

The cast gave interviews to numerous media such as Todateen Magazine, which is the most important youth magazine in the country, EPgroupo and so on. In addition, they recorded promotional content for Gloob, and had the opportunity to meet and work with Raissa Haddad (@raissachaddad on Instagram), the Brazilian influencer who has almost 7 million of followers in this social network.

On Saturday 16th, there was a meet and greet at the flag ship store Ri Happy together with Novabrink, for the pre-release of the Chica Vampiro´s doll with more than 300 atendees. The fans had the opportunity to meet their idols and buy this toy before anyone else. This event was covered by EPgroupo for the Media Toys magazine and Licencing magazine.

To finish their stay, Eduardo and Santiago were at the toy fair Abrin, in the booth of Novabrink, which had a space dedicated just to the doll.