‘Chica Vampiro’, the successful RCN Television and Televideo series starring Greeicy Rendón and Santiago Talledo, can now be enjoyed on Netflix.


The ‘vampiremania’ that has captivated children and teenager audience around the world is now available on demand in Netflix with 120 episodes of the series Chica Vampiro in original language and in six dubbed versions for countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Israel, Russia and Latin America.

The story tells the life of Daisy, a common girl who keeps her family’s vampire identity a secret and who will have to live between the secret world of vampires and the world of mortals where she finds her friends and the love of her life, Max from whom she will try to hide her strange condition.

With this important announcement, RCN Television together with Brands & Rights 360 (B&R360) continue to expand the scope of this teen series, which has been broadcasted in more than 20 countries around the world.

In Europe, the Italian broadcaster Boing has recently renewed the series’ licence period due to the good results amongst the audience. Likewise, B&R360 has sold to Nickelodeon France the second batch of episodes to complete the acquisition of the whole novela, which has a strong background in this territory, after the excellent performance in Gulli and the successful L&M track record, remaining as a benchmark property.

Moreover, in Brazil, the show is considered a success on Gloob, having a great acceptance amongst children and adults. On the licencing side, the brand’s programme is expanding accordingly. Novabrink is developing the dolls of the main character “Daisy”, presented at the International Toy Fair Abrin in March to the rest of the industry, and to the final consumers at the Ri Happy store. Foroni and Maxlog, are handling BTS 2019/2020, with notebooks and bags collections respectively. All on shelves by the end of the year. Regina, has also signed on to the brand for the party goods category, developing costumes to be launched in October 2019.

In addition, to booster the current L&M programme, B&R360, RCN Television and the licencing partner Midas Music, are developing a music strategy for both, original version and Brazilian songs. The three main categories consist of:  a strong digital campaign (on Spotify and YouTube), the launch of the physical CD and new versions of the songs in collaboration with famous Brazilian artists and the original Chica Vampiro cast.


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