About Us

B&R 360

Brands & Rights 360 is a Spanish marketing platform specialized in the integrated management of brands and multimedia content (animation and real image) in all its business areas (TV, VOD platforms, licensing and merchandising, etc.). B&R360 works mainly in Europe and America and currently has a portfolio of 20 properties focused on children, youth and/or family audiences.

Experienced structure and solid track record.

360º integrated management.

International, multimedia and medium-term vision.

International vision.



  • To be a local extension of the producers
  • We manage unlimited compatible properties, following a customized strategic plan.
  • As the main component of the strategic exploitation of any property/brand, we count on key companies in the sector (TV, VOD platforms, publishing, toy manufacturers… as the case may be) as project partners from day one.
  • We always choose the best local strategic partner to maximize revenue streams (continuous and coordinated involvement in the project through medium-term agreements).
  • Develop the property/brand over a 5 to 7 year plan, minimum.

Our goal is to maximize…

    1. The exposure / notoriety of your brand, with the aim of …
    2. Increase your value and sales, …
    3. Increase the longevity of the brand, …
    4. While generating strong revenue streams from L&M



For the owner/production company:

Have a single contact in the region who manages all rights, is involved in and oversees the exploitation plan for the property and easily obtains information on revenues generated.

For local licensees/partners

Have a single source of information, resources and procedures. Be part of a coordinated strategy supported by key licensees/partners.

For our TV/VOD partners

  • Triple return on investment.
  • Properties with international trajectory.
  • Advertising investment linked to the brand
  • Reparto de beneficios de L&M

For the property / brand:

  • Maximize exposure/ownership, brand visibility and build brand awareness.
  • More revenue streams.
  • Stretch the life of the brand to the fullest.



  1. Structure with experience and knowledge in the sector, as well as a solid base in each territory (local + multi-territorial strategy).
  2. International, multimedia and medium-term vision.
  3. 360º integrated management.
  4. Consolidated professional relationship with leading companies in each:
  • Pay TV
  • Free tv
  • VOD Platforms
  • Live show producers and promoters
  • Record labels
  • Manufacturers and distributors of merchandising and licensing
  • Video games and application developers
  • Toy manufacturers and distributors
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