Why work with us?


We help shows thrive and prosper

We understand the challenges for growers and we know the importance of finding the right home for your program. That’s why we partner with you to help you succeed at every stage.


We pay the bill to sell your show

We spend time and money promoting your program, absorbing the cost and hassle, and allowing you to focus on what you do best. Be creative.


Market knowledge and buyer network

We have sold programs in 194 countries and our extensive network puts us in the best position to negotiate on your behalf, ensuring you get the best result.


We salute you. And give you credit

We celebrate their efforts and show that provenance is an important part of how we sell. We ensure that growers get the recognition and profile they deserve.


Global reach. Global benefits

More than ninety percent of our income is exports. We do business globally and have the experience to distribute shows around the world effortlessly.


We scream about your show

We offer show and event-based business marketing in key markets like MIP and have a full public relations program throughout the year to make sure everyone is aware of your program.

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