Hero Elementary is not a regular school, it is where children with superpowers learn to use their unique gifts. No aspiring superhero could dream of a more exciting place to train! Although the students are children like in any other school, the big difference is that for this team a simple mistake can turn into an epic disaster. Inquisitive thinking and teamwork lead to unexpected discoveries about science and the world around them, and it is also useful when there is a problem or mystery to solve.

But who are these mysterious students from Hero Elementary? Lucita Sky who can fly; the astonishingly brilliant AJ Gadgets, the first autistic character on children’s television; the incredibly strong Sara Snap and Benny Bubbles, whose amazing bubble-generating power is a sight to behold.


Format: 80×11 ‘or 40×22’

Audience: kids 4-7

Producers: Twin Cities PBS and Portfolio Entertainment

Territories: world premiere on PBS KIDS USA June 2020. TVO Canada, Knowledge Network Canada, CityTV Canada, Discovery Kids – MENA, YLE Finland, KAN Israel, Discovery Kids LATAM, TVB Hong Kong, Minika Turkey

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