In the Kazachok Keynote different companies had the opportunity to explain the potential of their licenses, for a select public


The 11th of December, the third edition of the Kazachok Keynote took place. It was held for the first time at the emblematic Lido theatre in Paris. This event has become unavoidable for the licensing sector, promoting the implementation of the participants in the French market.

In this prestigious event, different companies had the opportunity to explain during 10 minutes, the potential of their licenses for a select public of licensees, retailers and manufacturers. The kazachok Keynote is, therefore, an exchange between professionals and experts in this market, in which the trends for 2019-2020 will also be unveiled.

B&R360 of course had to be present on a day like this with Kally’s Mashup. With music produced by Adam Anders, executive music producer of Fox´s Glee, the series is Nick Latam´s highest rated children and youth oriented novela so far. Kally´s Mashup (120epsx45’) is a youth oriented novela produced by AMI Inc., 360 Powwow and Nickelodeon Latam. The series is focused on the adventures of Kally, a musical prodigy that tries to balance her life between what it means to be a piano virtuoso and a regular teenager. Her life completely changes when she leaves the small town where she lives to attend the prestigious Allegro Conservatory with older students. The story will follow Kally´s musical adventures and inner secret: although she loves classical music her true passion is to become a pop star.

Additionally, to the presentation of the series, B&R360 prepared a very special surprise to close the first part of the event, with the performance of Maia Reficco and Alex Hoyer, the two protagonists of Kally’s, who performed lived to the delight of all spectators.