Maia Reficco y Alex Hoyer were in Paris, Milan and Lisbon to promote the series Kally´s Mashup


One week, three European cities, Paris, Milan and Lisbon. This was the itinerary followed by Maia Reficco and Alex Hoyer, the two protagonists of the series Kally’s Mashup, a few weeks ago. They visited these countries, to carry out numerous promotional actions with the broadcasters and also to get to know their fans.

Through their social networks, Maia and Alex were constantly in contact with their followers, who were informed of everything they did. They even organized a live video on Instagram to answer all their questions more immediately.

In addition, they were in several press conferences and they talked a little more about themselves, their characters and the launch of the second season. Both agree that all the characters evolve between the two seasons.

Kally in the first season must learn to accept herself and the fact that she loves both, pop and classical music. In the second season she understands how she can take advantage of this dual soul as this year she will also study pop music. While for Dante, things with his band are starting to get serious and there is also the relationship with Kally and the fact of being an older brother for Tina, so in this season he matures a lot as a character.

“I think we’re similar to our characters, we love music and we use it to express what happens to us, our emotions. There were scenes in which I learned from Kally, and it’s important when you learn about your characters.” Maia explained

Likewise, Alex confirmed “I also believe that I am quite similar to Dante, I love music as much as he does, we also share the passion for dancing as well and for going out with our friends.”