Atchoo! ©

Animation-Comedy |


  • Format: 52x11'
  • Target: Boys & Girls 6-9
  • Producers: Studio Campedelli+Rai Fiction Italy + Cosmos Maya India
  • Territories: Spain (TV: Clan), LATAM (TV: NatGeo Kids), Mexico (TV: TV Azteca), US (TV: Kids Central) Europe, CIS, Russia, Turkey and Subsaharian Africa (TV: Nickelodeon)


This animated comedy series narrates the adventures of Teo, a 9 year old boy. Ever since he was born he has had a curious characteristic: when he feels a strong emotion, he expresses that through sneezing while – atchoo! – turning into an animal.
This series is based on comedy, gags and funny dialogues. But the fun is aiming at transmitting also that fears and difficulties are not necessarily all bad but can engender endurance and originality.


© Studio Campedelli, Cartobaleno, Cosmos Entertainment. All Rights Reserved

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