Bubu and the Little Owls ©

Preschool |


  • Format: 52x11’
  • Target: kids 2-4
  • Producers: Up Content Brazil


Bubu and the Little Owls’ is a “Great for Families” educational animated series full of adventures and discoveries, filled with teachings about nature, and human ethical values.

A cartoon way beyond mere entertainment, a project thought about in every detail, so children can have fun with it, make new discoveries, acquire essential learnings, and above all, it is a show that transmits reliable references of family values, love, and respect. Bubu, our Little Owl, has stunning colors, a captivating voice, refined and meaningful songs, lots of friends, and the cutest family in the forest of Los Arboles! Their favorite games and plays were carefully chosen. Their little fruits and incre-cre-credible catchphrases were thoughtfully handpicked.

The Little Owls are already a massive success throughout Latin and North Americas and China, and soon enough will surely be landing somewhere near you


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