Captain Tsubasa ©

Boys Action-Adventure |


  • Format: 128x30'
  • Target: Boys 4-12
  • Producers: Enoki Films
  • Territories: Spain, Portugal, Turkey (TV: Yumurcak), Poland, Hungary, Israel


Season 1:
Tsubasa Ozora is a young Japanese elementary school student who is deeply in love with football and dreams of one day winning the World Cup for Japan. He moves with his mother to the city of Nankatsu, a town well-known for their talented high school soccer teams, where Tsubasa meets Genzo Wakabayashi, a highly talented young goalkeeper whom he soon challenges to a game in Nankatsu’s annual Sports Festival.
With Roberto, one of the best Brazilian soccer players, as his mentor, Tsubasa will harness his his football skills while joining the Nankatsu high school football team, where Roberto becomes their coach. Here, Tsubasa will also meet Taro Misaki, and the two become the best of friends in both the pitch, renowned as the “Golden Duo” and real life. Tsubasa is always focusing on winning the national championship and facing his rivals Kojiro Hyuga and Julian Ross amonst others. There is only one thing in his mind: make his dream come true and travel with his coach to Brazil to become the best soccer player of all times.

Season 2:
Three years have gone by and Tsubasa faces his greatest challenge: the third consecutive victory in the high school national championship. But the read will not be easy, since Tsubasa is increasingly physically depleted by several injuries. Nevertheless, he continues as captain of the Nankatsu, playing against the most formidable rivals who he was ever found on the field, including the Tachibana twins and their new acrobatic thechnique, Infernal Catapult. All this, before the expected final game between Nankatsu and Toho, or in other words, the final duel between their respective captains, Tsubasa and Hyuga in the most epic and dramatic football game ever played.


© Yoichi Takahashi/Shueisha/Enoki Films/ TV Tokyo All Rights Reserved


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