Little Big Awesome ©

Animation-Comedy |


  • Format: 26x 12'
  • Target: Boys & Girls 6-9
  • Producers: Amazon Studios, US
  • Territories: LATAM, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Portuguese-speaking Africa


Little Big Awesome follows the antics of Gluko, a Jelly Giant with the ability to change shape, and Lennon, a little guy with a pom-pom hat that contains everything he could ever want… even a puppy wearing a birthday hat! Gluko and Lennon are the best friends ever of all time in the history of everything. Their colourful world combines animation, puppetry and real animals with live-action footage. While having weird and wonderful adventures around Townopolis, these besties help the citizens live their best lives, even if helping sometimes causes more problems than it solves.