Animation-Comedy |


  • Format: 52x12'
  • Target: Boys & Girls 6-9
  • Producers: Studio Campedelli + Movimenti + Rai Ragazzi ITALY + Cosmos Animation Singapore
  • Territories: America, Europe and MENA


The Hopsribles are an amazingly irresistible group of friends united by a strange stroke of fate. They are sincere, naive and altruistic and maybe a little strange, but their friendship is something special. Mysterious and cloaked in a veiled halo of terror they take on, head first and always united, the growing pains, the misunderstandings, the practical jokes, the jealousies, the angry fits and the magic moments that make friends – true friends – say “forever”.

But the Hops ribles are fun too. They are always ready to trade a joke or a smiles… or an arm. Ready to give advice and quote nonsense quotes. To electrify a normal evening at home, when outside a storm is raging. Or climb up together onto the roof just to get a better look at whether the moon is asleep or is just… dead.

Dark humor, nonsense, slapstick, comedy, misunderstandings and amazing characters are the special ingredients of the series.


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