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Preschool |


  • Format: 104 x 7’
  • Target: Boys & Girls 2-6 + parents
  • Producers: Studio Campedelli & Bozzetto
  • Territories: Spain (TV: Panda), Portugal (TV: RTP, Panda)


“Tip The Mouse” is a TV series based on the original character from the best-selling children’s book series “Topo Tip” by Andrea Dami. Tip is a little mouse that behaves just as small children do and he helps kids to cope with and understand rearrangements, difficulties and new challenges in their lifes.

Tip and his family live in a small village in a tiny corner of a meadow, close to the world of humans. Here we witness all the fascinating adventures that each children faces while walking the extraordinary path to growing up.


© 2016 m4e AG -Bozzetto – Giunti Editore – Studio Campedelli – RaiFiction.  All Rights Reserved

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