Wheewheels ©

Preschool |


  • Format: 52x11'
  • Target: kids 4-6
  • Producers: Reesee Entertainment, China
  • Territories: just premiered in EBS Korea and soon in China (+ 60 channels)


Captain Ray and his crews are hit by a shrink laser by three mischievous villains fleeing to earth. Becoming tiny as the size of a child’s s palm, Ray ‘s brigade and the villain trio come to live with Joon and Mina. As the villain trio keeps creating troubles around the house, it is up to Commander Ray and his brigade to take action and maintain a safe environment for the kids.

WheeWheels is a funny and inspiring safety education comedy series for upper preschoolers. The series features a brave fire engine crew led by Captain Ray, whenever there are troubles,
Ray and his palm sized brigade will come to rescue and maintain safety on earth!


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