Chica Vampiro ©

Youth oriented Novelas |


  • Format: 120x45'
  • Target: Teens & Tweens
  • Producers: RCN & Televideo (Colombia)
  • Territories: Brazil (TV: Gloob/ VOD: Netflix), Portugal (TV: BIGGS/VOD: Netflix), France (TV: Gulli + TeenNick / VOD: Netflix), Italy (TV: Boing/ VOD: Netflix), Israel (TV: Zoom/ VOD: Netflix), Russia (TV: Gulli Girl/ VOD: Netflix), Spain (TV: Disney Channel/ VOD: Netflix), LATAM, (VOD: Netflix)


Chica Vampiro is a teen novela wich narrates the story of Daisy, a common girl who goes to school and enjoys dancing and singing and is in love with Max. However, there is something not very common about Daisy: her parents are vampires. She is happy living a human life until she has an accident and her parents have no other choise but to bit her in order to saver her life, turning her into a vampire girl.
The relationship with Max will be more complicated… Daisy’s life is divided in two: the one she has in the mortal world at school and the other one she enjoys in the vampire world.

CHICA VAMPIRO © RCN Televisión, S. A. – Produced by Televideo S. A. Colombia.

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