The animated series Atchoo is a comedy that invites boys and girls from six to nine years old to follow the adventures of Teo, a 9-year-old boy. Since he was born, Teo has a very curious gift: when he feels a strong emotion, he sneezes and turns into an animal. “Atchoo” is not only a children’s comedy, but all its stories seek to convey an important message: difficulties, fears and diversity are not bad, but they strengthen and generate originality.


Format: 52×11 ‘(S1), S2 confirmed for 1Q22 (52×11’)

Audience: boys and girls 6-9

Producers: Studio Campedelli + Rai Fiction Italy + Cosmos Maya India

Territories: Clan TVE Spain, Nickelodeon incl Spain, Portugal, France, GAS, Benelux, Poland, Russia, CIS, Turkey; DeA Kids + Rai Gulp Italia, Kids Central US, NatGeo Kids Latam, Amazon India, Disney India, Discovery Kids MENA among others

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