Campeones: Oliver y Benji

Season 1:

Follow the legend of the Japanese soccer prodigy Oliver Atom (Tsubasa Ozora) and his best friend, the ball, from its origins, full of unforgettable moments such as the first and exciting challenge against his eternal rival, the proud goalkeeper “paralotodo” Benji Price (Genzo Wakabayashi) or the birth of the mythical golden couple with his best friend, the globetrotter Tom Baker (Taro Misaki). Turning rivals into friends, Oliver captains Newteam (Nankatsu) towards the conquest of the national championship where he meets formidable opponents such as the implacable forward Mark Lenders (Kojiro Hyuga), the brilliant and delicate “ace of glass” Julian Ross (Julian Ross) or the acrobatic Derrick twins (Tachibana). All this to fulfill the dream of traveling to Brazil with Roberto and becoming the best player in the world.

Season 2:

Three years after his dream of traveling to Brazil with Roberto was shattered, Oliver Atom faces his greatest challenge: the third consecutive victory in the national high school championship. But the road will not be easy, as an increasingly physically injured Oliver will have to lead Newteam (Nankatsu) against the most formidable opponents he has ever encountered on the pitch, including the Derrick twins (Tachibana) and his team. new acrobatic technique, the Infernal Catapult. All this before the expected final between Newteam and Toho, or what is the same, the final duel between their respective captains, Oliver and Mark Lenders (Hyuga) in the most epic and spectacular soccer match ever played.


Format: 128×30 ‘

Audience: Boys 4-12

Producers: Enoki Films

Territories: Antena3 + CN + Nickelodeon + TVE + Tele5 Spain, Panda Portugal, France5 + TF1 France, Boing + CN + Italia2 Italy, RTL2 Germany, Yumurcak Turkey TVP Sports Poland among others

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