The Hopsribles are an incredibly irresistible group of friends united by a strange quirk of fate. They are sincere, naive and altruistic and perhaps a little strange, but their friendship is something special. Mysterious and wrapped in a halo of terror they always remain united, growing pains, misunderstandings, jokes, jealousy, anger attacks and magical moments are what make friends, true friends, say “forever ”.

But their adventures are fun too. They are always ready to exchange a joke, a smile … or an arm. Ready to give advice and quote nonsensical dates, to electrify your house one night, when there is a storm outside, or go up on the roof together to better see if the moon is asleep or just… dead.

Dark humor, goofiness, comedy, misunderstandings, and amazing characters are the series’ special ingredients.


Format: 52×12 ‘

Audience: boys and girls 6-9

Producers: Studio Campedelli + Movimenti + Rai Ragazzi ITALY + Cosmos Animation Singapore

Territories: premiered on Nickelodeon and Rai Gulp Italia in 2020

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