As the summer begins in Rodas, a small fisherman’s town, Alba arrives to stay at her Aunt Helena‘s.

Alba isn’t very pleased, expecting a boring summer with someone she hardly knows. But soon, wonderful new friends, Lucas, Salike, Olivia and Nil will come into her life. Together they will make the most extraordinary discovery, that will lead them on the trail of an incredible long-lost treasure. But in their findings, they will not be alone, closely following every step is the maleficent Nina, set out to steal the treasure from them. Will Alba and her friends outwit evil Nina and save the historic site from real estate speculation?

Join the adventures of Alba and her dear friends as they develop a beautiful friendship, overcoming adversity and building memories to last a lifetime.


Format: 20 episodes x 22 min.

Target: Kids, ages 9 to 12.

Subtarget: Kids, ages 6 to 9.

Genre: Live Action, adventures, mistery.

Producers: RTVE, Portocabo, 2023. (European Quota)

Languages: Spanish (cast) and Euro Portuguese.

Broadcasters: Clan TVE, RTP Portugal.

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