There are always accidents and troubles in Broom’s town. But, in every moment of crisis, there is our super Robocar rescue team to save the cars and people from the dangerous situation. They are Super police car POLI and his team-mate, fire-engine ROY, ambulance AMBER, Helicopter HELLY and operator girl JENE. 

Through each episode, children get to know daily safety tips with the happiness and preciousness of helping others by POLI and his friends of Broom’s town.


Format: 104×11’ (4 seasons); 78×5’ (3 Safety Series clips). New Season 2020 Song Song Museum (26×5’)

Target: Kids 2-6 & parents

Producers: Roi Visual Korea.

Territories: it has been broadcast in more than 125 countries: Canal Panda + Clan TVE Spain, RTP + Panda Portugal, Cartoonito Italia, Gulli + Piwi France, Nick Jr UK, STAR Channel Greece, RTL Benelux, Carousel + CTC Russia, Planet Kids Turkey , Netflix, among others.

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