Daisy is an ordinary girl, who goes to school, has fun, dances, she dreams of a singing career and of staying with Max, in a love that lasts a lifetime. However, she has something that is not very common: her parents are vampires.

Despite this, she Daisy learns to live this situation with humor and optimism. But when she is about to turn 16, a terrible accident occurs that puts her parents at a tremendous crossroads: let her die or save her. They opt for the second option and bite Daisy, who upon waking up curses her luck, because she did not want to be a vampire.

Now her relationship with Max will be much more complicated because what if he knew that she is a vampire? What if she grows fangs and she wants to bite him? Thus her life is divided in two. The life she has in the mortal world and the life she enjoys in the vampire world. Day by day, Daisy will have to learn to live her love with Max as if she were an ordinary girl and not as if she were Daisy, the vampire.


Format: 120×45 ‘

Audience: Teens & Tweens

Producers: RCN & Televideo (Colombia)

Territories: Disney Channel Spain, Biggs Portugal, Boing Italia, Gulli + TeenNick France, Nick Latam, Nick Benelux + Poland, Zoom Israel, Gloob Brasil, Gulli Girl Russia among others

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