Our soccer hero returns!

Oliver Atom has become a soccer superstar in Brazil and now he intends to play in Europe. During a decisive game, Oliver looks back in time and goes back to those days when he started playing for Newteam. His passion for scoring goals and winning matches remains as strong as it was then. Oliver remembers games and moments that had a decisive impact on his life. He remembers Benji Price, the eternal rival Mark Lenders, his great companion and friend Tom Baker and his coach Roberto. It was a pleasure for him to meet them all and play with and against them, learning from each situation.

The whistle blows, the game begins. Oliver throws himself towards the ball!


Format: 52×30 ‘

Audience: Boys 4-12

Producers: Enoki Films (Tokyo)

Territories: Antena3 + CN + Nickelodeon + TVE + Tele5 Spain, Panda Portugal, France5 + TF1 France, Boing + CN + Italia2 Italy, RTL2 Germany, Yumurcak Turkey TVP Sports Poland among others

© 1983 Youichi Takahashi/Shueisha·Enoki Films·TV Tokyo // © 2001 Youichi Takahashi/Shueisha·avex·TV Tokyo

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